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Mostly Unsung | Victoria And Australia’s First War

Victoria And Australia’s First War

  • Title:
    Victoria And Australia's First War
  • Author:
    Ian MacFarlane and Neil Smith
  • Edition:
  • Publication Date:

New Zealand (Maori) Wars 1840’s to 1860’s

A detailed study of the part played by the Colonial Australian mariners of HMCSS Victoria during the First Taranaki War against the New Zealand Maori in 1860-61. Carefully researched and heavily footnoted this work addresses the first active service campaign undertaken by an Australian defence force group and includes a detailed biographical roll of all officers and sailors on the vessel, many of whom served ashore with the Naval Brigade. Little known aspects of medal issues are also addresses. Printed in A4 with full colour card cover, photographs, bibliography, chronology and index.


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